Merlin’s tomb

The Merlin’s Tomb, another place of legend in the forest of Brocéliande, a covered walkway from the Neolithic period or, as the legend says: the invisible prison that holds Merlin the enchanter forever ?

Legend has it that Merlin, out of love for the fairy Viviane, confided a large part of his secrets and magic formulas to him. Shouldn’t he have refrained from revealing how to hold a man forever?
It was thanks to this that the Fairy Viviane, while the magician was sleeping, drew nine circles around it and the magic took place. Merlin was permanently locked in an invisible prison and so Viviane was able to keep Merlin with her forever.

The reality is, Merlin’s Tomb is the remainder of a covered driveway that was allegedly destroyed because the owner thought it had found a hidden treasure.

Today, many walkers leave an offering, often vegetable, in exchange for a wish.

GPS * position of Merlin’s Tomb:
Latitude: 48.077806º N
Longitude: 2.117568º W

Hike to Merlin’s Tomb:

Same walk as for the Fountain of Youth, a loop of about 4 km with easy access for the whole family:

Some pictures of Merlin’s Tomb :

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